Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The On-The-Spot Stain Solution

Stains can be a problem, especially when on a white surface surrounded by colors and precision bleach application is nearly impossible with a gallon of liquid. Complete Supply Company has the solution to this debacle. 

That solution comes if the form of the awesome Clorox Bleach Pen. This small applicator is perfect for detail bleach work and can be used on more than just clothes; the pen is great for a variety of surfaces.

The pen has a dual tip to maximize precision application. There is no need to worry about spraying bleach where you don’t want it. The pen is great for making your clothes a bright white that only comes from bleach. Or use it to get that luster in your kitchen or bathroom. Simply use the pen to draw a neat line of bleach on caulk or grout and they will shine like never before with no mess. It is also great for carrying with you for use on the go. Spill coffee on that white shirt, no problem. The pen is great for removing small stains wherever you might be. 

Other great bleach products that can aid in your cleaning include the Color Safe Bleach Powder and for those who have more sensitive skin or just don’t like the idea of super harsh chemicals, check out Borateem Chlorine Free Color Safe Bleach Powder. They can all be found at www.Completesupplyco.com. 

 Complete Supply Company is a Michigan based janitorial and restaurant supply company.

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