Monday, March 25, 2013

Which to Do First: Dust or Vacuum?

Deciding whether to dust or vacuum first is a valid cleaning concern. It seems reasonable to assume that because dusting may send a certain amount of dust to the floor it is better to dust first and vacuum second. On the contrary, some believe vacuuming stirs up dust, then settles on furniture. No matter the sequence of your dusting/vacuuming, Complete Supply Company has all the necessary supplies to keep your space clean.

In order to perform a thorough dusting, you need to remove all clutter and unnecessary items. Next, dampen a dust cloth with furniture polish. You should begin dusting at the highest points in the room first. This is essential because any dust that falls down to a lower surface can be swept up as you work downwards. You may also choose a direction-either clockwise or counter clockwise and stick to is as you move throughout the room to ensure you don’t skip any areas. When you notice your dust cloth beginning to accumulate dust, be sure to shake it off onto the floor if you plan on vacuuming next or get a fresh new dust cloth. You may prefer a feather duster over a cloth. This may allow you to dust those hard to reach spots. To dust hardwood floors, swiffer sweeper mops work great.

Before you begin to vacuum, it may be beneficial to do a quick inspection of your vacuum. Check the vacuum belts, wheels, and the vacuum brush for any repairs. It is also important that you replace the vacuum bag frequently. It is recommended you change the bag every month. Next, pick up any debris that your vacuum can not suck up such as paper clips, shedding plants, small objects, anything that is obvious. Start vacuuming the corner that is farthest from the door and work toward the door, using gliding, even strokes. Find the grain of the carpet and work with it. You may also want to use a carpet deodorizer to freshen your space. It is recommended to vacuum carpeted surfaces at least once a week. This will help to control allergens.

Again, whether you dust first or vacuum first, as long as you are cleaning your area, you’re better off than before you started. The sequence doesn’t really matter; it’s the cleanliness of your area that counts!

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