Friday, April 19, 2013

Stay Clean, Stay Green

Green and Clean:

How Organic Cleaning Products can make a Safer Home

Pollution is a problem and has the answers. Kids hear about it in school, adults hear about it on the news and anybody can see it when they look out and see a green skyline. 

Everyone knows about the growing problem in our planet’s atmosphere but, few people take the time to think about the atmosphere in their own home. From spray surface cleaner to laundry detergent to dish soap there are pollutants in every corner of the average household. The EPA identified up to 5 times as many chemical pollutants in the home than outside and research has linked these items to health problems. Short-term exposure can cause headaches or minor cold symptoms while long-term exposure can lead to complications with asthma and bronchitis patients. Many of the cleaning supplies that are found in the home release VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. Many of these products are found in janitorial suppliesrestaurant supplies/food service industryinstitutional supplies,hotel supplies , parish supplies , office supplies and other commercial supplies that we are surrounded by every day. These dangerous chemicals have been linked to occupational asthma meaning that these chemicals cause people to suffer an asthma attack due to their toxic nature. 

There are other considerations regarding these synthetic chemicals. The CEO of Seventh Generation brought up a good point regarding oil dependency in his interview with Natural News. In his statement he points out that most of these synthetic chemicals are petroleum based and ad to the oil dependency problem harming society as well as environment. By shifting to natural products derived from plants instead of oil we can reduce our oil consumption and decrease health risks for each other and ourselves. Complete Supply Co. has a many green products for janitorial, restaurant, school and parish management.

            Several reasons exist to switch over to green products; health, environmental, and social. So why don’t more people switch. One reason could be doubt of their effectiveness. An article by LiveScience indicates that cleaning products derived from nature are just as effective as synthetic cleaners with the exception of those that contain bleach. Even though organic cleaners cannot clean like bleach, they also do not cause respiratory or other health problems, long-term or short-term. They are safe to use regarding the environment as well. Many of the green chemicals break down rapidly and have a neutral PH level. Also by lowering the dependence on oil, organic cleaning products have a social impact as well helping them to be a small but significant step on the road to a greener, cleaner future.      

Due to the up rise in green products and grass root movements, many companies have started using buzzwords like “green” and “Natural”. These companies are guilty of greenwashing, or taking advantage people’s desire to do what is right by making minor changes to their products so that they can be called natural or even knows cleaning supplies and one product that lives up to their name is Greenworks. This company, which is owned by Clorox, makes a product that was derived from plant and mineral bases, uses biodegradable ingredients, is not tested on animals, and uses biodegradable packaging whenever possible. The EPA Design for the Environment program has recognized their products as being environmentally friendly and they have established themselves as a great cleaner.

Greenworks is just one great product.

Other great and green cleaning brands out there:

·         Misty Aspire-,

·         Seventh Generation

·         Gojo-


All of these products plus many other trusted brands can be found here:

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